About Us

Our Aim

Advancing Collective Prosperity

What does collective prosperity mean to us? We believe that prosperity includes universal access to education, equal opportunities, gender diversity, environmental care, poverty reduction, and a thriving economy.

We believe that the potential of every person needs to be unlocked to contribute to this brighter future. We hope to make a small contribution to that end.

In 2017, we are thinking about:

What does gender equality truly mean in the workplace?

What is the role of business in economic justice?

How can the private sector contribute to global equity?

Can we enable young people to thrive in complex social and economic conditions?

How do we promote the immense benefits of diversity and inclusion?

What workplaces allow people to do their best work?

Where our team works

Our team has worked across the globe and is lead by our hubs in Berlin and Oxford. We cherish diversity and are always on the look-out for capable minds to join our team.

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