Team Development

We help unlock teams' full potential by offering data-driven insights and pragmatic solutions.

Five essentials for
every high-performance team.

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    Value your work, understand your roles, and the team's goals"

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    Be your true selves, feel part of the team, and manage conflicts effectively.

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    Focus on Results

    Do high quality work, deliver on promises, and communicate effectively.

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    Provides guidance, practice emotional intelligence and take responsibility for the team's development.

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    Creates collaborate and move quickly in the face of opportunity.

Our Offer



Our Team Pulse tool enables leaders to assess the strength of their team and understand areas of focus to build capacities based on our unique and proprietary model.

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Innovative and tailor-made team training programs and interventions to help you boost your team performance.

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Executive Coaching

Individual coaching, with a focus on the leadership skills required to drive change, manage complex tasks and build effective teams.

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Client Success

  • We mentor startups at Deutsche Bahn’s Mindbox Accelerator on developing and scaling a healthy, collaborative and productive team culture.

  • We helped CPW innovation team assess their areas of opportunity and design a development plan.

  • We designed, built and ran a pre-accelerator program at the betahaus in Berlin for young entrepreneurs from the Middle East.

Our Approach

We combine neuroscience and behaviour change with business expertise to understand and help teams perform.

  • Neuroscience
  • Business Practice
  • Behaviour Change

Our key method crafts a rich, deep, and enjoyable learning experience that cause fundamental shifts in behavior and habit and is sustainable in daily work. Each training module, whether in individual or group exercises, is designed to consciously boost performance in your team. We combine a solid data-based approach with a deep understanding of human and teams behaviour.