Business Innovation

We consult teams and organizations to infuse a fresh direction, build powerful programs and amplify impact.

Lighthouse Capital

Lighthouse Capital

We support the design of an impact investment fund in the Middle East to serve the bottom of the pyramid.


Fortune 500

We supported a global corporation in a holistic assessment of its business model and drove ideation and prototyping.

A decade of expertise
sustains our work in innovation programs

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Strategy Consulting

Guide businesses and organisations in high-level decision making, tailor made for your industry.

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Innovation Process Design

Facilitate creative problem-solving in multi-stakeholder partnerships.

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Impact Metrics + Analysis

Develop effective KPIs for social, environmental and financial factor to evaluate activities and pursue goals.

Program Design

Develop and execute lean, effective and impactful programs from idea generation to program evaluation.

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Research + Analysis

Provide cross-sector qualitative and quantitative research as well as strategic analysis.

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Challenge Definition

Create challenge statements which are comprehensive, accessible and engaging.

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Ideation Sprints

Facilitate bursts of creative activities to identify multiple ideas ready to be turned into concepts.

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Community Management

Build, grow, and manage online communities across social media platforms.

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Event Design

Plan and implement the strategy, content and logistics of small and large-scale events.