Venture Acceleration

We help build and accelerate startups to create sustainable and growing businesses.

Iftiin Foundation

Iftiin Foundation

To reintegrate child soldiers into Somali society, we co-designed a program to enable them to become small business owners.

Element A

Element A

We consult a social startup in crafting its mission and launching its first program to foster early child-care programs.

A decade of expertise
sustains our work in venture acceleration

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Early-Stage Acceleration

Build new ventures through business design, product validation, and entrepreneur coaching.

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Emerging-Market Risk

Navigate complex contexts (e.g. post-conflict or emerging economies) and mitigate risks.

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Talent Development

Nurture entrepreneurial talent through intensive training and coaching to unleash their potential.

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Service + Product Design

Craft service experiences for digital and physical products from idea to commercialisation.

Organization Design

Optimize venture structure, workflows and processes to increase efficiency.

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Lean Startup

Use iterative product releases to learn fast and shorten innovation and development cycles.

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Business Model Innovation

Assess and map resources, processes and profit formulas to identify new value propositions.

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Design Thinking

Drive user engagement in product/service design to identify solutions to complex problems.

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Tech Development

Develop user-centred web and mobile applications.

Marketing + Sales

Analyse consumer insights to develop and drive innovative marketing and sales strategies.